The mission of Embrace Support Ministries is to help support the dreams and desires of women from around the world through inspiring, mentoring and by leading women to reach their full potential in all area of their lives.     

Embrace Support Ministries did not have a formal name in 2006 when original found in vision by Chaplain CL Connor.  In January 6, 2010 the name Embrace was given to the organization for mentoring and supporting women came to full circle with the logo being used as Dove that represent Peace/ Love and a purple Heart that mean bruise or broken, together it represent we will embrace your broken or bruise heart with love and peace.

Embrace we have serve over 2000 women and 300 young adult women age 19- 25 years old in ten years and have plans to sponsor and partner with other positive organization worldwide.

Embrace Support Ministries was created to Empower, Encourage and Inspire women around the globe, through emotional support, mentoring, organizing your life, family, relationship, time management skill, a second chance in life, parenting skill and overcoming illness, emotional and physical abuse while helping College Freshman in preparing for their first year of college with dorm supplies, information and training on financial decision.

Our Mission

We believe God has given us the gift to educate, direct and to help hurting families and women through a higher power in witnessing, teaching, voluntaries and guiding through  a spiritual connection within the United States and throughout the world.

We believe Embrace Support Ministries is a place where women can talk, be heard and given useful advice from those that have already experienced and overcome their obstacle

Our History
​​Inspiring, Empowering & Encouraging Women to Succeed!
We Believe